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Did you know that WWII was NOT the first nuclear war this planet has ever experienced?
Ludicrous you say?
It's not ludicrous when you explore the evidence.

The First Global Nuclear War
And a Cover-up of HISTORICAL Proportions!

It's not just balony...
The Bible mentions Nuclear Winter The Bible supports it...
The histories of India describe a war with mushroom clouds The written histories of India support it...
Lost civilizations like Atlantis were likely wiped out in the first nuclear war... Cultural Legends and Myths from around the world support it...
Developers of the modern atomic bomb admit they weren't the first bomb makers... Modern Nuclear Scientists admit it...
Seas of glass, vitified ruins, missing races, nuclear reactor ruins, it all points to a global nuclear war... Archeology supports it...
Did you know that there is a radioactive layer of ash found worldwide under many ruins? Geology supports it...
Where did the asteroid belt come from? Or the structures on the moon and mars? Astronomy supports it...
Aliens... Human or alien? It even helps explain where aliens come from, and how the Ancient Astronaut Theory ties in...

Let's start in then!

-By the way, all of this material, and LOTS more, is being compiled into book form as well for you to order and take to your next conversation :-) over at Evergreen Mountain Publishing (google it if you need to). We'll let you know as soon as it's ready.
Let's examine the proof that a global nuclear war already occured, 3500 years ago....

Let's start off with ways that the Bible supports the idea of an ancient nuclear war, global in theatre...

Updated by (the author) T. Russell Benedict on 1-1-2016


If we open up the latter part of the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, we read the intriguing account of the Israelite prince named Joseph, captured and sold as a slave in Egypt. In short, through a series of crazy events, he rises in power until he is also a prince of Egypt, second only to the Pharoh himself.

Then Joseph has a dream warning him of impending famine. So for seven years, he stockpiles every spare bit of grain and food available in Egypt.


A famine hits the ENTIRE ancient world, that lasts for SEVEN years (and Egypt survives, as does likely the entire human race due to Prince Joseph's foresight).

The description of this famine fits modern scenarios and projections of a nuclear winter following a global, all out nuclear war, a winter (or mini-ice age) that is projected by modern meteorologists and war planners to last between 5 and 10 years...

Read about it yourself in Genesis chapter 41. Twice towards the end of the chapter, it mentions the severity of the famine in relation to the entire world, and in looking at the original Hebrew text, it does indeed refer to the inhabitants of the entire earth, not just the Middle East. (Remember, various ancient peoples were known to be expert seamen, and for this phrase to refer to the entire world, and for Egypt to feed the entire world, was not a huge logistical impossibility. Difficult, yes, but NOT impossible. But they also had more than just ships to get around in too. Keep reading...)

But that's not all.


The Bible also talks, between the lines, about another effect of this nuclear war: Radiation poisoning of the human race.

If you read through the generations of men immediately proceeding Joseph, and note their lifespans, they consistently average between 175 and 200 years. Then Prince Joseph comes along, and not a single person after him lives more than 130 years (and most much less).

SOMETHING happened during the lifetime of Joseph that cut the expected lifespan of man almost in half, worldwide. The only thing that fits is global radiation poisoning.

As a side note, the Genesis account seems to indicate that the famine has something to do with something EAST of Israel. Keep this in mind.

Date according to the Biblical account? 2000BC give or take. Keep this date in mind.

But of course I hear some people saying right now, that that Bible isn't legitimate history (even though it has never been categorically proven false - in fact most archaeological finds we make seem only to validate Biblical recorded history, rather than disprove it).

So let's go to another source of ancient written history. The history of India, as recorded in the Mahabharata (a land EAST of Israel)....

And I quote, directly from the manuscripts themselves:

Using flying machines called Vimanas that were used to launch powerful weapons of destruction, the Mahabharata records that someone brought death to the people...

"The Earth shook, scorched by the terrible heat of this weapon. Elephants burst into flames and ran to and fro in a frenzy, seeking a protection from terror. Over a vast area other animals crumpled to the ground and died. The waters boiled, and the creatures residing therein also died. From all points of the compass the arrows of the flame rained continuously! "

This destruction was caused by, " a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe!"

Elsewhere we read, " An incandescent column of smoke and fire, as brilliant as ten thousand suns rose in all its splendour. It was the unknown weapon, the iron thunderbolt, .....a gigantic messenger of death!"

Continuing  on, "The corpses were so burnt that they were no longer recognisable. Hair and nails fell out. Pottery broke without cause. Birds, disturbed, circled in the air and were turned white. Foodstuffs were poisoned!"

Does this sound suspiciously like nuclear weapons to you too?

Approximate Date of this manuscript? Between 2000BC and 3000BC...

But nobody in the Western World gives these histories of India must credence. In fact, many people from India themselves regard them as mere myth...

And because other people have been ripping off this page and posting it across the net as their own research, I am adding a blurb here. If you are not reading this on the AncientNuclearWar dot com site, you are reading something someone has stolen from me, and you need to go to that site itself to read the real deal, and get the latest info on the actual book I am writing. Sorry. Thanks. -tim

But back to business...

Let's examine written proof that a global nuclear war has already occured, 4000 years ago....

But there's more... There are legends and myths from almost every culture of man somehow referring to this war or some fallout of it. Let's explore some of them.

The legend of Atlantis...

Briefly, the legends of Atlantis pretty much all refer to a very technologically advanced civilization with air flight capabilities, that disappeared beneath the sea in a single cataclysmic event. Some of the best modern research into the legends verify that the civilization likely did indeed exist, and that it was destroyed, presumably by a volcanic eruption/explosion like in Pompei's destruction (or a nuclear explosion?).

The trouble is that they're not sure which volcano...

Best estimate of a date for the disappearance of Atlantis? Roughly 2000BC.

Seen this date before?

The legends of Lemuria...

Legends of Lemuria are even more spotty than those of Atlantis. But in brief, they were also supposedly very technologically advanced, and then disappeared suddenly.

Then you have the Greek legends of a war collectively referred to as "The Clash of the Titans"... And while the specific details may have become shrouded in myth, the point remains: they agree that there was an incredibly destructive war fought between very advanced civilizations.

How about the legends found worldwide of little people, leprechauns, fairies, gnomes, etc and so forth, (google "little people skeletons"), races of humans whose founding civilizations got wiped out by SOMETHING?

Or how about the legends found worldwide of literal giants (including references to them in multiple ancient religious scripts of diverse religions and continents), big foots, sasquatches, etc and so forth, (google "giant skeletons" - some might be hoaxes, but ALL of them?), races of humans whose initial civilization(s) got wiped out by SOMETHING?

Legends from the Valley of Death in Siberia, Russia...

Deep in the heart of Siberia lies a strange valley where the locals fear to tread because people that go there have a tendency to not come home. Indeed, even some modern explorers have fallen strangely and gravely ill when exploring this area (near Tunguska, site of an unexplained, massive, nuclear bomb-sized explosion about a hundred years ago, long before WWII). The locals understandably call it the Valley of Death.

But the weird part is that the locals also have legends associated with the valley. They include details of an ancient war fought between highly advanced races, using huge weapons located here that apparently were capable of shooting down threats from the air (including interplanetary threats - according to the history channel anyway).

And there ARE apparently technologically advanced relics and ancient ruins to be found in the area, that have not yet been excavated...

Are you starting to understand that our human history DOES have record of this war?

And does it also make more sense now why we have so little recorded human history prior to roughly 2000BC?

Of course when the Romans burned the Library of Alexandria, we lost what little we even had then.

But let's keep going...
What do modern scientists have to say about this?
Let's examine written proof that a global nuclear war has already occured, 4000 years ago....

When asked by a newspaper reporter about the first atomic explosion, Robert Openheimer, widely considered to be the father of the atomic bomb, apparently answered with something cryptic about the explosion being the first one in modern times."

He is also widely noted to have quoted Indian history while watching his first nuclear explosion, "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds..."

Frederick Soddy, a well known physicist from around the turn of the last century, said this in 1909. "I believe that there have been civilizations in the past that were familiar with atomic energy, and that by misusing it they were totally destroyed."

Ok, but what about actual archeology? Is there any concrete evidence that a global nuclear war happened in our past?

Yes, there is...

Seas of Glass...

On every single continent, there are areas where they can find or have found what some people have dubbed "Seas of Glass," either on the surface, or buried under centuries of dirt, where the sand and/or dirt has literally been fused by intense heat into glass. The colour of these seas varies according to the mineral content, but they are everywhere. And they are, practically speaking, identical to the ones that were created by the US Government in the Nevada desert when they were first testing the modern atomic bomb.

The nevada bomb test produced a unique 'sea of glass' or fused material beneath it

The previous explanation for all these phenomena was "meterorites", but the patterns are all wrong. For instance, for a meteor to create that kind of heat requires an impact. These "Seas of Glass" generally have no impact craters associated with them...

Would you believe that the moon even has at least one sea of glass on it? (More on this in a minute.)

The bomb site of India and radioactive ruins...

In short, the government of India wanted to build a new housing community. So in the region of Rajasthan, India, an area that covers a three-square mile area, ten miles west of Jodhpur, they surveyed the land and built houses. People moved in, but started getting sick. ALOT of people. When they went in to find out why, they discovered that the entire area was inexplicably radioactive, and in a circular pattern (with a very radioactively hot ground zero point) consistent with what occurs underneath a typical air-burst nuclear detonation.

They evacuated the area, and it is now essentially a quarantined wasteland.

They have also excavated entire cities where the people and their skeletons have been fossilized, frozen in time at their moment of instantaneous death, and the skeletons are RADIOACTIVE.

The ruins of ancient nuclear reactors...


At the Oklo mine in Gabon, West Africa, in 1972, a company from France was searching for Uranium to fuel their nuclear power plants. In an area of stable geology, they found a number of deposits, all oddly enough in a straight row, and actively mined them.

The problem occured when they sent off this Uranium to be processed into nuclear fuel.

It had already been processed, and used, and wasn't any good for new fuel. It was no good for producing power with. The isotope percentages were all wrong. They were NOT consistent with raw Uranium. They WERE consistent with used fuel, the kind that is pulled OUT of a nuclear reactor after use!

The percentages were NOT consistent with any other previously known raw Uranium deposit.

But the kicker is this. Embedded in each of these small Uranium deposits are detectable amounts of the element Plutonium, the primary ingredient of most modern atomic bombs.

And Plutonium is NOT a naturally occurring element. It is formed ONLY inside weapons grade, breeder nuclear reactors. The reactor has to be specifically designed to produce Plutonium. It doesn't form on its own or naturally.


It was an abandoned, ancient, weapons producing nuclear reactor...

SOMEONE had the capability to produce, and indeed was producing, nuclear weapons grade Plutonium, a long long time ago...

Vitrified ruins...

In various places around the world, many ancient ruins bear a remarkably consistent trait.

One face of all the ruins, all facing a common direction at each site, has been fused into glass by intense heat (vitrified). It's common. There are rumored to be ruins in the northern end of Death Valley that bear this feature. There are ruins in Central America that bear this feature. Scotland is littered with ruins like this. There are ruins everywhere that bear this mark, if you look for them.

And they are all consistent with the effects of the exposure from intense heart, like that which is produced by an air burst nuclear bomb (the ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki also bore this trait before they were rebuilt). The wall facing the actual nuclear blast gets fused into glass by the heat.

Radiological, Beryllium-10, and Radio Carbon-14 Dating...

The best researchers will all tell you that the radio-carbon-14 dating method isn't truly accurate much past about 4,000 years ago. But they all differ as to why. Even regular Beryllium-10 radiological dating methods often produce wildly fantastic ages that often do not agree with other known dating factors. What is the problem?

The answer is simple.

If the world experienced a global nuclear war, one that produced enough radioactivity to halve the lifespan of man, it also produced enough carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 to completely skew any evolutionary or archaeological time-line that doesn't take this massive influx of carbon-14, Beryllium-10, and other radioactivity into the system into account. The war and its radioactivity introduced so much Carbon-14, Beryllium-10 (and other radiations) into the system that it both poisoned life, and completely changed the natural balance of production and decay of Carbon-14 and Beryllium-10 on Earth. Anything living before this war would appear to be much older than it actually is, because its Carbon-14 levels were much lower than the levels found in organic/living things immediately after the war. Likewise with Beryllium-10 levels in rocks and other inorganic materials. So the whole method is skewed prior to 2000BC...

Missing races of people (we briefly touched on this once already)...

We have both legends and skeletons of little people, ranging from 14 inches tall (and smaller), to several feet tall. The Crow indians talk about little people that live in their sacred mountains, and indeed skeletons of perfectly formed humans 14 inches tall have been found in the area.

The Atacama Humanoid
google it!

The San Pedro Mummy
Google it for the whole story

In the Appalachian Mountains, the skeletons of entire city populations of little people (estimated at 100,000+ individuals), have been unearthed. Average height? Two to three feet tall, and perfectly formed and proportioned (no midget syndrome or deformed body parts).

Perfectly formed human skeletons between 14 and 16 feet tall have been dug out of the fossil beds in the BOTTOM of the Grand Canyon (in geological strata that the theory of evolution can't explain their existence in).

Incidentally, the Bible also records races of giants - remember Goliath at roughly nine feet tall?

Actual battle axes at the The Archeological Museum of Herakleion in Crete...
(thank you www.s8int.com)

US Special Armed Forces apparently shot and killed a giant (estimated at 12+ ft tall by the few servicemen who have talked about it-one of them even apparently wrote a book about it) only a couple of years ago in a Taliban controlled area of Afghanistan...

Other skeletons of these giants have been unearthed on every single continent as well. Just google "Giant Skeletons" for pics for yourself, if you don't believe me (Some are apparently hoaxes, but ALL of them???). Or if you really want your breath taken away, Google Youtube with "Giant human footprint South Africa" for a crazy big fossilized genuine human footprint of a giant estimated to be 28~30 feet tall (assuming that the normally proportioned human being's foot length is about one seventh of their height).

cached copy
And don't believe the 200 million yr old date. The nuclear war skewed the radiological dating standards but no one either realizes or will admit it.

But the point is this. Generally speaking, the bigger a race is, the better its chances of survival, (at least according to evolution LOL). So why are all the big guys gone, and us little people still here? They were bigger, stronger, smarter (think how much more thinking grey matter they had compared to us!) and had fewer natural enemies.

We now also have pictures and even some likely skeletons of the Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch, and other forest dwelling humans, remnants of other human races that are now also nearly extinct (or are).

Various ruins found around the world have doorways in them that would indicate that either very short people, or very tall people, lived in them.

But the big question is this.

If these other races of man were so plentiful that we have found hundreds and thousands of their skeletons, what happened to their founding civilizations, and why don't we have many written records of them or their civilizations past about 3,500 years ago?

The logical explanation is that they got wiped out (by a war???)....

Ok, how about geology? Is there geological evidence of a global nuclear war having occurred in Earth's past?
Let's examine the proof that a global nuclear war already occurred, 4000 years ago....

Yes, but most historians contribute it to something else...

Impact Craters...

Did you know that very little actual meteor debris can be found down inside the so-called Arizona meteor crater?

And because various scum suckers have been reposting this page across the net without giving me accurate credit, I (tim, the original author) am adding a disclaimer here. If you are not currently on the AncientNuclear War dot com website, you are reading plagiarized material, and you might or might not be reading my real thoughts on the subject. Please come to the real site I just mentioned. Sorry. - the original author Tim Benedict

Back on track now...

We have lots of historical accounts of people picking up metallic fragments that were identified as "meteorite" in origin, from the countryside around the crater about a 100 years ago, but actually down in the crater there is/was almost nothing. In fact the problem so vexed scientists of the previous century that entire books were written on the probable cause of the crater.

An underground steam explosion seemed to be the most common explanation to eventually be accepted. But the theories kept coming, and the officially accepted explanation likewise changed. Currently, we have "meteor crater."

What is interesting is that a metallic analysis of the "meteorite" fragments from that area gives results that are remarkably similar to and consistent with various current, modern alloys used in the nuclear industry to house and contain radioactive materials.

A large ground level, or even an underground "bunker busting", nuclear weapon would easily produce a crater consistent with the Arizona crater. If the site of the crater was originally a nuclear weapons production facility (Uranium deposits are found ALL over northern Arizona relatively near the crater site, deposits that currently help supply part of the US nuclear arsenal), it only makes sense that someone at war would want to bomb the site back to stone age, leaving behind a gaping crater that contains no actual meteorite fragments, but a surrounding area that is full of alloy, metallic, and other "meteor" fragments.

Gulf of Mexico Chicxulub Crater, or the Yucatan Crater

Located in the Gulf of Mexico and extending inland into Central America, is a crater so large and expansive that it was only recognized as such in the last 50 years. In fact, the existence of this crater helped fuel the entire "asteroid collision" fear/mania that swept Hollywood several years ago.

There are only three things powerful enough to produce a crater this large...
  1. A VERY large, high power, nuclear or scalar weapon...
  2. A very large meteor or asteroid travelling at extreme speeds...
  3. A massive volcanic explosion...
The estimated force of this explosion is estimated to have been roughly 96 teratons of TNT (that's big).

What's incredibly interesting about this impact crater is the fact that many scientists believe it was just one of a whole handful of impacts from roughly the same time frame. And although the dates of the impact range over millions of years ago(???), the estimates are only that, estimates, especially when you start to consider how badly skewed our currently radiological dating system is, that does NOT take into account a global nuclear war that haphazardly irradiated everything after it, making prior stuff look much much older, and later stuff much much younger. Without taking a nuclear war into account, ALL radiometric dates older than 4000 years are going to appear to be stretched out by thousands or even millions of years! Hence one reason why the experts do not want to admit the war happened, is because it completely upends all of the theories concerning the age of the Earth and its inhabitants- and ironically enough, again supports the Biblical historical record...

But I digress...

This impact crater and the others around the earth that all occurred at roughly the same time (like the Chesapeake Bay Crater), look suspiciously similar to a wartime bombardment...

Ash and clay layer...

The theory is that the Gulf of Mexico impact or explosion (and I believe the accompanying nuclear war) helped produce a dust and ash cloud that circumvented the globe and  helped cause global nuclear winter and famine conditions. In fact, MANY scientists point to this event as the trigger for one of earth's ice ages - something that is consistent with nuclear winter - and as being the primary cause of the disappearance of dinosaurs and many other species. Between this bombardment, the war, and the global flood that is also recorded by every major culture on earth (dated less than a thousand years before the war according to Biblical records), the mass extinction of numerous species is entirely plausible.

We know the ash cloud happened because archaeologists and geologists have found a layer of ash and clay surrounding the globe on every single continent, deep in the strata. It even has a name, the K-T Boundary layer.

And within this ash and clay are a preponderance of what are called tektites, shocked quartz, and/or glassy globules of fused sand/dirt, the kind of which are produced by the intense heat of either a meteor strike, or a nuclear detonation (but NOT typically  by volcanic activity - so we can rule that one out). And many of them are slightly radioactive still...

Also within this ash and clay layer is a high concentration of iridium, something often found in meteorites (hence part of the meteor confusion). Trouble is, iridium is radioactive, and can theoretically also be produced in nuclear explosions... Some nuclear reactors even use iridium in their design, and it's not a far stretch to imagine advanced nuclear weapons using it as well (in spite of its ideal properties making it perfect for nuclear weapons casings and the like, it isn't used in most modern weapons simply because it is so rare on earth, and tungsten also works well - a much more common element on earth. A space faring race with access to meteors and asteroids could easily use iridium instead - more on this in a minute).

Thus the tektite evidence points to at least one massively large explosion to hit earth, an explosion that very easily could have been nuclear in origin, not just meteoritic or volcanic, likely just one of many other detonations that also occurred around the world at the same time during a full scale nuclear exchange and war...

Amazingly, at least one scientist, in studying the geology of the Chicxulub crater and the K-T Boundary Layer, hypothesizes that the explosion was, oddly enough, pre-dated briefly by huge volcanic eruptions (of the kind that the Bible also documents as being part of the flood, also slightly pre-dating the war.)

There is, believe it or not, ONE other very plausible explanation for these massive impact craters, but we'll get to that one in a minute...
So now we're briefly covered archological, geological, historical, and even cultural evidence of a global nuclear war in our past.

Is there any astronomical evidence?

Amazingly enough, there is...

Structures on the Earth, the Moon and Mars...

The Earth

On each and every continent, there are ancient ruins of a scale so massively large and precise that they can only be appreciated from the air. Indeed, they in theory could only have been laid out and planned from high in the sky, or even space. Whether its the amazing ruins in the high plains of Bolivia and Peru, or the waterworks in North America, there they are. And some of them were only discovered from the sky, and could only have been planned from there as well...

Ever seen the Egyptian hieroglyphics and models of planes, helicopters, and rockets? Or the Incan? Or the Mayan?

Did you know that one of the unspoken reasons to build the space shuttle, that a few people have only whispered about, was to try to recover and reverse engineer one or more artificial satellites that have already been in orbit around the earth for hundreds or thousands of years? For example, google "Black Knight Satellite" for all the conflicting stories and actual NASA pics, and keep in mind that most of the poopoo-ing of this real, obviously artificial, 10-ton object in orbit around Earth comes from the people that stand to lose the most from acknowledging its existence... Even if it IS space junk, who put it there? Documented sightings of this object exist from before Sputnik ever flew...

How about the Egyptian pyramids?

To this day, we still don't have a good explanation as to how they built the pyramids with such massive pieces of stone, that were quarried and sculpted to fit so perfectly miles and miles away, and then were moved into place so precisely that not even a knife blade would fit between them. Nor can we explain some of their perfect celestial alignments that are so precise that some archaeologists choose say that it had to be chance because we simply "didn't have the technology to make it that precise back then.." Some of it is beyond us even today. It all speaks to a level of technology much more advanced than our own...

Or how about the hundreds of ancient artefacts that archaeologists have discovered, artefacts that we do not understand the purpose of, or are designed and engineered in a way that even our current level of technology can't reproduce yet (even including examples of what we can only surmise are holographic computer technology samples that are light years beyond us), or that demonstrate a grasp of the physical nature of matter in such detail that we don't even comprehend some of it today?

It all speaks to a level of technology perfectly capable of waging global nuclear war, technology that suddenly disappeared in a brief flash of time.  Where did it all go so suddenly?

The Moon

The moon is full of structures. Whether it's spires, towers, bridges, complexes, lights, domes, spaceships, and the like, the moon is full of surprises. And the closer we get, the better our telescopes get, and the more we explore, the more we find.

I personally downloaded pictures directly off the US Navy Clementine satellite website that was photo-mapping the backside of the moon, back shortly after the site was launched, of multiple artificial structures dotting the back side of the moon, some of them staggering in size. (The site has now been sanitized, and obvious photoshop smudges now strangely blur all the areas where I had previously found remarkable detail).


Mars is full of surprises too. Whether it's the lifelike illusion of the face of Cydonia, or any one of a zillion other anomalies (including an apparent "sea of glass"), Mars is littered with signs of intelligent life possibly having visited or lived there at least once already.

Or what about the growing and overwhelming evidence that Mars once had flowing water on its surface, a thicker atmosphere, and conditions where life itself may have flourished?

Google any of these if you don't believe me!

What does all this mean?

Again, it all speaks to a level of technology perfectly capable of waging global nuclear war, technology that suddenly disappeared in a brief flash of time.

It also means that mankind's previous nuclear capable civilizations also had space flight capability, much like our current civilization, but well advanced beyond even our own level of technology. It only makes sense, and there is evidence of thousands of year old, intelligently designed structures littering the landscape of all three planetary bodies, that are so massive, precise, and abundant that not even our own current technology can explain or duplicate them.

Have you read any of the reports coming out in the last several years describing the odd glows of light that can be (and have been) seen in various craters on the moon and Mars, that exo-geologists theorize could be radioactivity (left over from....?), or colonies, or...?

And here's a big one...

Whatever happened to the planet that used to be between Mars and Jupiter?

Many astronomers say that where the asteroid belt now sits, there should be a planet...  It's a theory known as Bode's Law, the work of Johann Titius, and it accurately predicts most of the current orbits of our solar system, including a planet where the asteroid belt now sits...

The only explanation for its missing presence, and the presence of the asteroid belt instead, is that SOMEONE destroyed it, and probably during a war using nuclear and/or scalar based weapons.

(Scalar based weapons are the next more powerful weapon being developed after the demise of atomic weapons- why do you think the powers-that-be are willing to abandon and/or dismantle their nuclear stockpiles? Answer? They have more powerful weapons now - and they likely had them back then too, and scalar weapons are theoretically powerful enough to be planet-busters...).

Remember the Yucatan, Chesapeake Bay, and other meteor craters we were just talking about a minute ago?

Instead of being the direct result of nuclear or scalar explosions themselves, it's entirely plausible (and maybe even the more likely explanation for the existence of some of them) that many of these craters were indeed asteroid or meteor strikes, that happened in a catastrophic bombardment that was a direct result of the wartime destruction of this Planet W that we were just talking about, where planetary debris would have bombarded Mars, the moon, the Earth, and even Venus and Jupiter, with massive numbers of meteors (some of them HUGE), for days, weeks, months or even years until the radioactive dust settled (unevenly) on and across Earth (giving a wide range of supposed radiological dates for their occurrence), and the asteroid ring settled down and stabilized. (The Indian Mahabharata also records endless arrows of fires that fell from the sky- sounds to me like either a missile of a meteor bombardment...) The results were ultimately the destruction of any eco-shpere on Mars, a loss of most or all of the colonies on the moon, an incredibly huge number of impact craters on Mars and the moon both (the sheer number of which implies immense age for them if they were all just random events spread out over time), more than a few impacts on Earth too, and coupled with the nuclear war that had just occurred, nearly wiped out life on Earth through radiation poisoning, famine, and nuclear winter/ice age... (How's that for a couple of run-on sentences?)


This global nuclear war was likely also interplanetary in scope, and incredibly destructive...

This is where you start to get a bigger view of what can only be considered a massive coverup...

But what about aliens?

Again ironically enough, it's the Bible that again gives us a clue to the origin of aliens, when read with an understanding of the First Global Nuclear war.

In the eleventh chapter of Genesis of the Old Testament, the first book of the Bible, we read the account of the Tower or Babel. It details that the people were attempting to build a tower "That would reach to Heaven". Remember that this was a technologically advanced society, one soon capable of waging the interplanetary nuclear war that we  have just been talking about.

It describes using brick and mortar to build this structure. Our modern equivalent would be concrete. In fact, if you google the details of the proposed space elevator to be possibly built in Ecuador sometime in the next 20 or 30 years, it includes a massive base tower made of concrete...

But the point is this.

If that civilization was trying to build a tower to reach heaven, and it threatened God so much that He came down and confused their language, they were indeed building a tower that could, and WOULD, reach and expand across the heavens. It was a space port, plain and simple, and they had (or soon would have) space flight, including FTL (faster than light travel, necessary to reach neighbouring star systems).

And in the resulting confusion of languages was sown the seeds of the global nuclear war that happened not too long thereafter...

But the point remains. They had space flight, developed it, and used it, apparently over at least a several hundred year time-frame. They colonized the moon. They colonized Mars. They likely/logically colonized beyond that.

Did they reach even to neighbouring star systems?

VERY LIKELY. (I go into some of this evidence in the book...)

And then the war happened that completely wiped out ALL of the more technologically advanced civilizations of man on Earth, destroyed at least one planet, stranded and/or destroyed multiple off-world colonies, and threw the remaining civilizations of Earth into first an ice age (nuclear winter), and then a 4000 year dark age (which we are just now today finally beginning to climb out of).

The war STRANDED our remaining colonies in space.

And one last time, because several different bottom feeders have reposted this page in other places on the net without giving me proper credit and/or even claiming it as their own work, I (timothy benedict, the original author, google me) have to add a disclaimer here. Sorry about that. If you are not currently looking at my Ancient NuclearWar dot com URL, you are reading a ripoff site. And worse, you might not even be reading my original words, or seeing my original conclusions, or getting the info on the book I am writing about this stuff. I suppose I should be flattered by this attention and their attempts at imitation, but I'm not amused in the least. Sorry for the interruption of thought flow there. - the author timothy benedict
But back to the subject at hand...

On a closely related note, it's an easy stretch to assume that if these civilizations were this advanced, they were also playing around with direct genetic manipulation.

It's the Book of Jasher (4:18), an ancient script quoted by the Bible multiple times and thus given at least some measure of credibility, that verifies and records that the ancient world indeed had the ability to "mix species". This explains many of the Egyptian (and other ancient) creatures that were half one animal and half another, or half man/half beast (including mer-people?). Even the Discovery Channel has recently done specials on archaeologists and historians that agree on this point, that some of these half human creatures were likely real, and the result of direct genetic manipulation.

So, putting it all together, it only makes sense then, that most of the alien races that we see and hear about today are direct descendants of both pure-bred and cross-breed, genetically manipulated human (hybrids?) that were stranded in space and cut off from their supply lines on Earth after a big nuclear war on Earth and within the solar system.

Is it too big a stretch to assume that their descendants still occasionally visit Earth in space ships based on technology they had developed before the war?

Face it. 4000 years of cosmic radiation will do a LOT of damage to the human DNA and genome.

In fact, some modern, long-term age progression simulations for humans living in low-gravity, dark, cosmically radioactive places like space, end up with beings and creatures that look remarkably like some of the typical "aliens" that everyone recognizes today.

As an aside note, this scenario also explains some of the persistent ufo abduction reports that include details of "aliens" seeking the right human DNA to repair their own species, and their interest in man's reproductive capabilities... This normally wouldn't be possible unless the root foundation of their own "alien" DNA was originally human, (and was now damaged).

There is also some evidence to suggest that this interplanetary war is either still being fought, or has flared up again, but on an interstellar level... but that's info for the book, not here... :-)

So how's that for rocking your world?

Evolution can't explain it, and never will...

The facts and details don't lie...

There is an active attempt to cover up many of the details relayed here on this site, for obvious reasons...

The evidence shakes our entire understanding of human history (and ironically enough, tends to validate the view of human history as laid out in the Bible, but not big bang evolution).

This new understanding of mankind's history explains things, and pulls together all the crazy details, in a big picture way that nothing else can do...

Mankind has been in a roughly 4000 year old "Dark Age", and has not been advancing, but declining. We reached our zenith about 4000 years ago, and almost didn't survive. Only because of Prince Joseph of Israel and Egypt (a servant of Yahweh God), did mankind survive the first nuclear holocaust and resulting asteroid bombardment at all...

We would do well to learn from this...

But I discuss this and much more detail in the book I am compiling about this revised history of mankind (and God's role in it). Look for it soon!

Have fun dreaming, thinking, and pondering the implications of what I have shared with you today :-)
(For instance, what kind of technology might still be drifting around in the asteroid belt, uncorrupted by time, waiting for us to go find it?)

And keep in mind that this web page is likewise a work in progress. I will be filling in supporting links and better documentation as I go...

And if you have more evidence, or know of evidence that ties into this framework and/or validates it in some way, I WANT to hear from you so I can include it (if it's something I haven't seen before and decide to include it, I'll include a hat tip to you in the resulting text). Likewise, if you are aware of something that I don't have quite right, let me know that too so I can modify/fix it.


-tim benedict
amateur historian, inventor, researcher and teacher...

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    a.    On the Origin of the Earth and Universe
        i.    On the nature of light, time, gravity, and physical laws
            1.    The Red Shift and the Blue Halo
            2.    Light and Time
            3.    Who created God?
    b.    Original Earth
    c.    Original world/culture, and the start of history
    d.    A Global Flood and why there are not one, but two, arks
    e.    The Tower of Babel, Aliens, Interplanetary War, and the Origin of the Asteroid Belt
    f.     Treaties and Division of the Earth
    g.    Global Nuclear War and Joseph's Famine
    h.    How both the flood and the war(s) now affect and skew radioactive dating methods
    j.     Impact of the flood and war(s) on the off-world colonies and aliens in general
    k.    Advanced civilization before and after the flood, and before and after the war
    l.    The fire(s) of Alexandria, and other destructions of written records and ancient knowledge
2.    The thread running through all of it...

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Disclaimer: I had a reader point out to me that just because all the evidence looks like a nuclear war, doesn't mean it actually was a nuclear war; they might have had weapons that we don't have today, that could produce similar effects. And while I agree that in principle, this is true, I also say that if it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, poops like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. And my premise still holds true, that there was an incredibly destructive global/interplanetary war that was fought about 3,500 ~ 4000 years ago, that included weapons that were likely based on both nuclear and scalar technology (and maybe technology that we no longer have or haven't developed yet), and that this war changed the face of our world, and altered our world history.

Partial Bibliography....
(Keep in mind that many of the facts relayed by the following sites and links do not espouse any religion, or Christianity in particular, and thus may have their own theories regarding this war or the evidence, different from the conclusions presented here, and may be cited simply for their content that supports the evidence of the first nuclear war...)











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